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Simple Abundance

I posted this and it vanished!  I wonder what happened.

It seems Lori‘s little Simple Abundance quilt has made it all over blogland.  It truly was a simple quilt to make.  Thanks, Lori, for taking the time to post measurements for us to follow.  I loved making this.

The blue I used in the center is from a quarter yard piece my daughters put in my Christmas stocking many many years ago.  I really love it and, since there’s so little, I use it sparingly and only where it will show.  I rarely fussy cut but did for this piece.  I also made sure all the children are standing on their feet rather than their heads in the pieces around the center star.  I used a thin batting but if I make another quilt this small, I’m either going to split the batting or use a different brand I have that’s thinner.  This picture is pre-washing so the marks I made for quilting are still in and will probably show.




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