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Baskets in Brown and Pink

I have an older (2005) book, Alphabet Quilts, with some really cute quilts in it.  All have letters in them.  This is the first one I’ve made from the book.


The border is a fabric I’ve had for at least ten years that I’ve always liked.  I can’t see it when it’s on the shelf so decided I should put it in a quilt.  The border is quilted in a double cable and the baskets and letters are outlined.  It finished at about 27 x 32.

I put the quilt on a picket fence in front of my bay window for the photo.  The fence keeps my dog from going through the old glass windows.  Everything outside was very wet but the sun was out (finally) so there’s a glare at the top.

This is another post that seems to have disappeared so I’m rewriting it.  What’s up with that?



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Part 4


I appliqued the flowers, leaves, and stems on the borders, then sewed the borders to the blocks.  I appliqued the corner flowers on after the borders were sewn on – too many seams under them!  Now it’s pinned and I’m working on the quilting.


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