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Christmas quilts

I’ve been really lucky and have won several blog giveaways.  Two or three years ago, I won a pattern from Anka’s Treasures.  It’s not in front of me but I think it’s called the birthday quilt.   I left off the borders but you’ll recognize it when you see the picture.  Then last May, I won a layer cake of Kate Spain’s new Joy line.  I thought they’d be perfect together.  I was right!

When I pulled out the number of squares called for in the pattern (just 14),  I realized I still had 28 squares left – enough for a second quilt.  Since middle daughter’s new baby is due just after Christmas and very likely to be early, I decided to make him a second quilt, just in case.  I wanted a traditional pattern for his and chose one of my favorites, Churn Dash.


Then I made the gift quilt, but for me.


I put it over the back of my couch – the top is a camelback and so isn’t level but you get the idea.



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