Baskets in Brown and Pink

I have an older (2005) book, Alphabet Quilts, with some really cute quilts in it.  All have letters in them.  This is the first one I’ve made from the book.


The border is a fabric I’ve had for at least ten years that I’ve always liked.  I can’t see it when it’s on the shelf so decided I should put it in a quilt.  The border is quilted in a double cable and the baskets and letters are outlined.  It finished at about 27 x 32.

I put the quilt on a picket fence in front of my bay window for the photo.  The fence keeps my dog from going through the old glass windows.  Everything outside was very wet but the sun was out (finally) so there’s a glare at the top.

This is another post that seems to have disappeared so I’m rewriting it.  What’s up with that?



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7 responses to “Baskets in Brown and Pink

  1. Your basket quilt is so sweet Pink and brown is always a wonderful combination. I noticed your recent comment on quilts by cheri’s blog. I loved Google reader but have migrated to Feedly. They have an app for iPhone as well as the ability to read blogs online. I was able to transfer ALL my blog favorites to Feedly EASILY.

  2. I have two drawers full of fabric that I am saving for future grandchildren. My own children are teenagers so those little ones are many years in the future! LOL! The quilt is beautiful. I love the baskets and I am so impressed that you pieced the word ‘baskets’. Amazing and beautiful!

  3. HI Mary

    I just wanted to see what you were up to… and where you went!!!

  4. It’s beautiful. Love the color combination, the lettering, everything!

  5. I do believe you have a second or third set of hands… you get more beautiful hand work finished than I could ever imagine.
    I totally understand about having fabric too good to use, too. Good choice to use it here!

  6. I agree with Synthia… this is so cute! Isn’t it funny how we hoard our favorite fabrics???

  7. Synthia

    Another winner!!!! I just love it. I love baskets. I love pink and brown. AND I love words. I think that makes this one a home run!!!! You did it again.

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