Simple Abundance

I posted this and it vanished!  I wonder what happened.

It seems Lori‘s little Simple Abundance quilt has made it all over blogland.  It truly was a simple quilt to make.  Thanks, Lori, for taking the time to post measurements for us to follow.  I loved making this.

The blue I used in the center is from a quarter yard piece my daughters put in my Christmas stocking many many years ago.  I really love it and, since there’s so little, I use it sparingly and only where it will show.  I rarely fussy cut but did for this piece.  I also made sure all the children are standing on their feet rather than their heads in the pieces around the center star.  I used a thin batting but if I make another quilt this small, I’m either going to split the batting or use a different brand I have that’s thinner.  This picture is pre-washing so the marks I made for quilting are still in and will probably show.




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19 responses to “Simple Abundance

  1. I like the fussy cut center you used for your little quilt. Good choice.

  2. So good! I love the center block featuring the pretty print. You did a good job of picking the right fabrics to make a good reproduction.

  3. I’m making my rounds again! lol I really do love the center fabrci that you fussy cut. No wonder you use is sparingly:)

  4. Love how you changed the quilting! Very pretty.

  5. What a great version of the Abundance quilt – love your center square fabric!

  6. I love it! The fabric you’ve used for the center is darling! I can see why you would use it sparingly. Your quilting is lovely!

  7. Very pretty little piece. I love that sweet print you included. Such a vintage look–nice job!

  8. Pat

    Your fabric selection is outstanding! I love this little rendition of ‘abundance.’

  9. That is so sweet Mary!!

  10. I love your version! The center print is really a treasure. Fantastic!

  11. Very, very cute! It looks like an antique block, especially with the special fabric you used the center star!

  12. It turned out great! Love all the prints you used. That center print is really special, I can see why you treasure it. Sweet quilt.

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