I call this quilt Harry Chapin


Do any of you remember his song “Flowers are Red”?  I liked this pattern the first time I saw it, a Fig Tree quilt named Gerbera Daisy (or is it Daisies?).  But the quilt has only red in the flowers, all 15 of them.  I thought about calling mine Mixed Bouquet but then I put on an old album and Flowers are Red played.  And so it was named!  Mine has 12 blocks, all different fabrics for the flowers, rather than 15 blocks.  15 made a quilt too big for what I needed.  The pattern also has a checkerboard border which I left off, again because it would have been too big. The blocks are cut 13 wide by 21 high and I made three rows of four flowers with a binding made from left over flower fabrics.  The quilting is a big stitch in Pearle cotton. It’s been cold and gray here lately and I wanted something bright and spring-timey looking.



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5 responses to “I call this quilt Harry Chapin

  1. How did I miss this!!!! OMG! Mary- I am thrilled to see your quilt! I love the name and the feel of it! I am jumping out of my seat!!!!

  2. Kathie

    Love this block/quilt great idea to do your own thing!
    Fabric is from little stars on sale at whittles $5.00 a yard!

  3. Harry Chapin looks like the perfect quilt to bring sunshine and cheer to the gray days of winter!

  4. Synthia

    Your daisies are truly a ray of sunshine! How productive you are during these gray, dull days.

  5. What a pretty quilt! Certain to brighten the grayest of winter days. I hope to try the big stitch with pearl cotton one day. Thanks for sharing!

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