Truly Red and Green, Finished

Happy New Year!  I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for all of us.

I finished this quilt last week but with a new baby and Christmas (twice because the new mom was in the hospital on the first one), I never had a chance to get a picture.  You know how that is, I’m sure.


This is the top half.  The quilt is long and thin so I folded it across the middle to fit it in the picture.  It’s actually flat – it’s hanging by two clothes pins here and looks really wonky!


And this is most of the bottom half.  I missed the red flowers but they’re there!

I’m using Elements v. 8.  If anyone knows how to reduce the number of pixels in pictures, please let me know.  All of them I post seem huge and I’d like to reduce the size.



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7 responses to “Truly Red and Green, Finished

  1. karenlogcabinquilter

    Somehow, I missed seeing this quilt. Wonderful! Very prim style.

  2. audrey

    Love your version of this quilt! I actually made two of these years ago. One for my sister and one for me.:)

  3. Synthia

    You did a terrific job on this cutie!! And in record time, I might add. Just precious!!!!

  4. Very sweet! I’m still diggin for my pattern…I know it will show up once I give up….It is a darling finish.
    Wishing you all the best in 2013.

  5. Really sweet quilt finish to start off the new year!

  6. Your quilt is very cute. That reminds me I have this one partly done in a box somewhere.

  7. So very cute! I love the fabrics you chose for their dresses. Kudos for making the quilt…I made one little girl block in two different sizes, and found the pattern to be inaccurate… so hats off for sticking with it! Sorry, can’t give you any advice on the picture pixels.

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