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Simple Abundance

I posted this and it vanished!  I wonder what happened.

It seems Lori‘s little Simple Abundance quilt has made it all over blogland.  It truly was a simple quilt to make.  Thanks, Lori, for taking the time to post measurements for us to follow.  I loved making this.

The blue I used in the center is from a quarter yard piece my daughters put in my Christmas stocking many many years ago.  I really love it and, since there’s so little, I use it sparingly and only where it will show.  I rarely fussy cut but did for this piece.  I also made sure all the children are standing on their feet rather than their heads in the pieces around the center star.  I used a thin batting but if I make another quilt this small, I’m either going to split the batting or use a different brand I have that’s thinner.  This picture is pre-washing so the marks I made for quilting are still in and will probably show.




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I can’t believe I forgot this!

I walked in my guest room the other day, looked over at the bed, and there was my doll-model, still wearing the flowered hat I’d made my granddaughter for Christmas.  I totally forgot it when I was wrapping gifts.  They were here a few days later so I gave it to her then.  It’s about impossible to have her actually hold still for a picture and she didn’t here, either.  She’s 15 months old.


Edit:  I just realized that besides not remembering to give this at Christmas, I also hadn’t posted a picture when it was finished.  It’s my favorite from the Itty Bitty Hats book.  If any of you decide to make this one, be warned – the flowers and leaves take longer than the hat but they’re totally worth it.


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I call this quilt Harry Chapin


Do any of you remember his song “Flowers are Red”?  I liked this pattern the first time I saw it, a Fig Tree quilt named Gerbera Daisy (or is it Daisies?).  But the quilt has only red in the flowers, all 15 of them.  I thought about calling mine Mixed Bouquet but then I put on an old album and Flowers are Red played.  And so it was named!  Mine has 12 blocks, all different fabrics for the flowers, rather than 15 blocks.  15 made a quilt too big for what I needed.  The pattern also has a checkerboard border which I left off, again because it would have been too big. The blocks are cut 13 wide by 21 high and I made three rows of four flowers with a binding made from left over flower fabrics.  The quilting is a big stitch in Pearle cotton. It’s been cold and gray here lately and I wanted something bright and spring-timey looking.


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Another baby hat

We tried the green hats on Matt and, small as they are, they’re too big.  I casually asked if that meant I should look for some yarn to make another and DD was back in a flash with a skein of blue yarn from her stash.  I measured his head and this is the result —


Three rows of 2×2 cable and the rest is stockinette, all on round needles. 


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Truly Red and Green, Finished

Happy New Year!  I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for all of us.

I finished this quilt last week but with a new baby and Christmas (twice because the new mom was in the hospital on the first one), I never had a chance to get a picture.  You know how that is, I’m sure.


This is the top half.  The quilt is long and thin so I folded it across the middle to fit it in the picture.  It’s actually flat – it’s hanging by two clothes pins here and looks really wonky!


And this is most of the bottom half.  I missed the red flowers but they’re there!

I’m using Elements v. 8.  If anyone knows how to reduce the number of pixels in pictures, please let me know.  All of them I post seem huge and I’d like to reduce the size.


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