Morsel – December Schnibble

Our Schnibble this month is a fairly easy one – a pincushion.  I made mine even easier by making it smaller.  For me, it’s a good size.  When I do hand sewing, I like to have empty needles on one pincushion and threaded needles on another so smaller works better.


I admit, this isn’t my best picture!  I took it with my iPhone while trying not to cast a shadow so I couldn’t really see what I was doing but you get the idea.  I still need to stuff it but the machine stitching is finished.  The fabric is by April Cornell.  As always, stop by Stina’s at Pink Pincushion or Sheri’s at A Quilting Life to see the parade.  And thank you to both of them for putting this together each month all year!



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3 responses to “Morsel – December Schnibble

  1. Love the cheery colours and the idea of a pin cushion for empty needles and another for loaded needles. I may have to borrow that idea. Great for hand quilting or stitching down bindings!

  2. Synthia

    Very pretty. I love all types of pincushions, from the ones you wear on your finger all the way through small, medium, large and huge, and I use most of them at one time or another. Actually, you might say I have a collection and they rotate in and out of use according to my mood, the season, the type/size of pins……….. I just love all types of pincushions. And I love yours!!

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