Truly Red and Green pt 2

The blocks are done and I have revised directions in case I ever make this again – or in case anyone else decides to make it.


The instructions in the book are really limited – not a problem if you’ve been quilting for a while.  Then there is a page of templates for the dolls and they are definitely not rotary friendly.  They are drawn cut size.  If I made it again, I’d sketch it out finished size and paper piece it.  As careful as I was, there were a few issues.  One of them is that the pieces are just a little bit different in size on opposite sides and the difference is so small that it’s hard to tell by looking.  But, sew them wrong and the block is very wonky where it shouldn’t be.  And it’s hard to cut with paper templates without shaving a bit off here and there.  Drawing around a harder template still throws the seam line off just enough to throw off the accuracy.  I think it would be much more accurate paper pieced.  Much as I personally don’t like that method, this would be my exception!


Another change:  The directions say to add a 1 1/2″ strip on each side of the doll blocks.  Because they weren’t exactly the same size, and a couple weren’t quite square, I cut the strips bigger so I could trim the blocks up to be square and the same size.  The other thing I’m doing is waiting to trim the blocks until after I make the sides.  If you look back at picture of the quilt in the book, you can see there are triangles on the sides.  I thought it would be easier to finish the sides, then figure how big to make the blocks and that’s turning out to be the case.



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3 responses to “Truly Red and Green pt 2

  1. Thanks for your notes, as I’d like to make this one someday. The “head” looks like a “neck” to me, and I am tempted to make it more rounded, or at lease put eyes and a mouth on it. LOL The primitive style is hard for me as an “accountant” brain – I have to see it more realistically. I do love the quilt though, because I like all the dress fabrics.

  2. Synthia

    You’re off to a terrific start! I’m lovin’ it!!!!!

  3. Thanks for all those hints and tips. Some Prim patterns are really ‘primitive’ when you put them together. Still love the quilt.

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