Truly Red and Green quilt

Many years ago, I saw this quilt –


And I knew I had to make it.  It’s from this book –


Truly was what I’d named one of the first small porcelain dolls I made so it seemed doubly perfect.

Here’s what I have so far –



Ready to assemble the doll blocks



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7 responses to “Truly Red and Green quilt

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  2. Very sweet. Looking forward to seeing what you chose for all the dresses. I have a prim pattern similar (several years old) and I sold the quilt. Might have to make it again!! Thank you.

  3. I have that book. I saw it just the other day. I must go back and pull it out. Thanks for the reminder to take the time to look through it.

  4. It is really a cute quilt. I have added it to my gynormous list of quilts to make someday. Your organizational skills are impressive! Love the labels on each part, so it stays in order. It will be beautiful.

  5. I have always wanted to make one of those little doll quilts. I found a similar antique one framed at the VA Hospital in the Bay Area last year. I really like your new blog… was WordPress easy enough to adapt too? Was the book helpful?

    • deb

      I have seen this pattern and have always loved it! as a bigger quilt though. It is a wonderful start did you do a practice block first so that the instructions are right? If so I can see it framed all by itself on your little tree as a orny too.
      I am also interested in your response of Renee`s question of WordPress
      Love your header picture too..

      • Thanks for the comment on the quilt, Deb. I did some figuring on paper and just went for it – no test block. It would make a darling block framed on its own but as is it would be much too big to hang on a tree – it finishes about 8″. I wanted a small quilt but it would be very easy to enlarge the pattern.

        I answered the WordPress question to Sinta directly but don’t mind answering again. I haven’t found WordPress hard at all and yes, the book does help. Each site does things just a bit differently so it’s nice to have it here, even if just for a month, to look things up. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment.

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