Christmas quilts

I’ve been really lucky and have won several blog giveaways.  Two or three years ago, I won a pattern from Anka’s Treasures.  It’s not in front of me but I think it’s called the birthday quilt.   I left off the borders but you’ll recognize it when you see the picture.  Then last May, I won a layer cake of Kate Spain’s new Joy line.  I thought they’d be perfect together.  I was right!

When I pulled out the number of squares called for in the pattern (just 14),  I realized I still had 28 squares left – enough for a second quilt.  Since middle daughter’s new baby is due just after Christmas and very likely to be early, I decided to make him a second quilt, just in case.  I wanted a traditional pattern for his and chose one of my favorites, Churn Dash.


Then I made the gift quilt, but for me.


I put it over the back of my couch – the top is a camelback and so isn’t level but you get the idea.



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  2. Merilyn

    Love Christmas quilts and yours are just wonderful and so inspiring!! Glad to be following you again using the WordPress format. Hope you have a great festive season!!!!

    • Thanks Merilyn! I hate moving away from Blogger but posting pictures is more important to me. Thanks for taking the time to follow me here. I don’t want to lose my friends! And thanks for the nice comment about my quilts. You’re so nice!

  3. I forgot what I was originally going to say – I really like the churn dash Christmas quilt. That fabric really looks beautiful in your choice of patterns. The present quilt is lovely – you can always have presents, even when you’ve been naughty, with that quilt!

    • I don’t know what I hit but the reply apparently sent. I only wanted to add that Churn Dash is probably one of my top two favorites. The other is Square in a Square and it’s a tie as to which is #1. I love them both. Thanks for taking the time to follow me and to leave both comments. I appreciate it!

  4. It’s too bad that these blog sites don’t have a human being somewhere that can help you. It seems silly that a blog can have too many pictures! That’s what I like about quilt blogs – to see what people are making! Anyway, I’ve changed my bookmarks to your new location and I applaud you for making the change. As I get older, I don’t do change as well as I used to.

  5. I’m found you! Love your quilts – I updated my blog roll with your new URL.
    Happy Holidays!!

  6. Those are very happy quilts – our son also celebrates a Christmas time birthday…makes for a very busy season but filled with fun!
    I used to be on WordPress but switched to Blogger thinking my page could be more personalized. Blogger has sure had some issues from time to time and I think about returning to WP. I found their posting setup easy to use and their photo library system is very user friendly. Much more so than Blogger. Hope you find it so.

  7. Synthia

    Hello! I’m glad to find your new location. I sure don’t want to miss any of your gorgeous quilts. The two new ones today are just great! It’s so appropriate to make a Christmas quilt for a Christmas season baby. The one you made for yourself (good girl!) really speaks to me. I’m a Christmas season baby, too, and I think I should make myself a birthday quilt. Why didn’t I think of that before???? Perhaps I’ll do that after I finish the graduation quilt that is on the design wall. Thanks for the inspiration. You always do that to/for me.

  8. Angela Lee

    Mary, I love both!! They are absolutely gorgeous. I managed to get my pictures to post after making many of them smaller. I deleted a ton of pics from Picasa and had to go back into to older posts and upload them again just smaller. I may join you if I continue to have issues.

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